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reset n : device for resetting instruments or controls


1 set anew; "They re-set the date on the clock"
2 set to zero; "reset instruments and dials"
3 adjust again after an initial failure [syn: readjust] [also: resetting]

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to set verb and re- prefix


  • /ɻiː'sεt/
    Rhymes: -ɛt


  1. To set back to the initial state.


to set back to the initial state

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Reset may refer to:
  • Reset (finance), a generic concept in the financial markets, meaning the determination and recording of a reference rate
  • Reset (band), a French-Canadian pop punk band that formed in 1995 in Quebec, Canada
  • Reset (horse), an Australian racehorse
  • Reset (computing), to clear any pending errors or events and bring a system to normal condition or initial state
  • Reset (Scots law), the crime of knowingly and dishonestly receiving stolen goods
  • "Reset" (song), a song by Outkast from their 2003 album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
  • Strategic reset, a policy framework designed to strengthen the United States' stance throughout the Middle East
  • "Reset" (Torchwood), the sixth episode of the second series of science-fiction series Torchwood
  • Reset ep, an EP released by Set Your Goals released in 2006 on Eulogy Records
  • Reset (EP), an extended play album released in 2006 by Mute Math on Teleprompt Records
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